Research Synthesis Design Solution

Scenarios 04


04 Scenarios

We explored specific user needs in our focus group discussion. The needs were concretized using a set of five usage scenarios. The ultimate goal was to ensure that we had defined an appropriate set of needs for our target user group.

Download focus group scenarios and corresponding discussion leads. [PDF 5.3 MB]

Scenario A - Auto Home

Needs explored: Activity-based music, music throughout the house

Discussion leads: Have you ever wanted your music to follow you throughout the house? Do you select different music to match your activity? Have you ever wished the radio knew just what to play?

Scenario B - Taste blender

Needs explored: Pleasing guests, sharing music

Discussion leads: When you have people over, have you ever wanted to play music that everyone could agree on? Have you ever worried about playing music your guests didn't like?

Scenario C - The ring

Needs explored: Wearable remote control, display access from anywhere

Discussion lead: Have you ever wanted to control your music and not been able to find the remote?

Scenario D - Guest access cards

Needs explored: Guest access to the system, disposable remote controls

Discussion lead: Have you ever wanted to let your guests control the music without messing with your system? Have you ever wanted to change the music and had to go into a different room to look for the remote? Have you ever wished it was easier to find the stereo remote when you needed it?

Scenario E - Synthetic DJ

Needs explored: Central showpiece, mood-based music

Discussion leads: Have you ever wanted to listen to a certain style of music but didn't want to search for specific songs? Have you ever picked to listen to based on a certain mood or style of music?


IID 2005 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University