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Mood Driven Music Player for Young Moderns



The müz is a mood driven music player for young moderns to use in their entire home. The main mood selector requests a mix of music that represents a particular emotional state. Motion detectors sense people's presence in each room so music can follow them throughout the house. The system also features disposable remote controls to allow guests to have minimal control over what's being played without needing direct access to the müz.


Through user research and focus group feedback we came up with three themes to carry through to our design: The Coolness Factor, Total Experience, and Access and Control. We have broken down our process into four main sections:

Research: Interviews and Shadowing, Shopping, Media Review

Synthesis: Functional Needs, Brainstorming, Scenarios, Focus Group Feedback

Design: Inspiration, Physical Prototype, Interaction, Video Storyboard

Solution: Final Presentation, Video Sketch

You may download an archive of this entire process book, including referenced documents and video, with the following link:

- Peter Centgraf
Laura Dabbish
Lorrianne Nault


IID 2005 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University