Research Synthesis Design Solution

Low-Carb Life  


01 Target Users

Two user target types were developed to represent the differing needs revealed by our research. The first user type is highly focused on the information content of the site. These users are interested in quick results, presented in a useful order, and with a dense display of relevant information. In some cases, these users place a high priority on recipes that can be made with ingredients they have on hand, and will attempt to substitute ingredients to make a recipe work for them.

These users were represented by "the yuppie couple".

The second user type is more relaxed and exploratory. These users want to build a relationship with the site and make use of all of its features. They would be more likely to read prose material, to register for a user account, and to store favorites and preferences. They are most interested in support for their whole cooking experience, from selecting individual recipes to planning meals to purchasing ingredients. These users will sometimes need support for the broad lifestyle changes that a low-carb diet imposes on the dieter and his or her family.

These users were represented by "the soccer mom".

IID 2005 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University