Research Synthesis Design Solution

Low-Carb Life

Scenario 1 00
Personalized Start Page 06


Scenario 2: Personalized Start Page

Today, Sarah's task is to plan a dinner to cook for her family and go shopping for any necessary ingredients. She already has two dishes in mind which she knows are in her recipe box, so all she has to do is find a third one.

(Item 1)

When she arrives at the Low-Carb Life website, the website greets her and shows that it is aware of what phase she's in. The website provides encouragement by showing her that she only has a few days left until she reaches the next phase.

(Item 2)

The personalized sidebar also shows pictures of some tasty foods in her next phase. The pictures click through to recipes which and bigger pictures which provide her something to look forward to in a couple of days.

For now, however, she's still in phase 1 and notices that chicken breast is on sale in her grocery store's weekly flyer. She clicks on "Breast" in the "Chicken" breast category to get to a list of chicken breast recipes.

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