Research Synthesis Design Solution

Low-Carb Life

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Recipes by Prep Time 04


Scenario 1: Recipes by Prep Time

After clicking on the "Prep Title" column title, they get a resorted recipes page. This page shows a list of chicken breast sorted by lowest prep time first. The couple's next criteria is to find a dish they can make with ingredients on hand.

(Item 1)

Chicken, Sage, and Ham Soup is out because they notice they don't have sage leaves or shallots as listed in the ingredients list.

(Item 2)

Saag Chicken is not doable because they don't own a food processor or blender (despite being yuppies).

(Item 3)

Gkai Kamin sounds delicious but they don't live near Southeast Asia or Whole Foods and therefore don't have access to fresh tumeric or lemon grass.

(Item 4)

Chicken Cacciatore seems like something they can make. They have canned tomatoes and they are always happy to open a bottle of wine.

(Item 5)

Chicken Cacciatore takes about 30 minutes to make and that's no sweat at all.

They click on the Chicken Cacciatore link to get more info.

IID 2005 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University