Research Synthesis Design Solution

Low-Carb Life  




We describe our solution using two main scenarios:

  1. Finding a recipe which is convenient.
  2. Planning a meal which includes non-dieters and shopping for the ingredients.

We chose these scenarios because they were similar to stories we found in our user research. Throughout each scenario, we describe features of the website which are not necessarily central to the scenario characters but which addressed other emotional and informational needs.

Scenario 1

Yuppie couple, Phase 2
Lounging around Sunday afternoon
Want to make a real meal in less than an hour.
They have chicken breast in the fridge.

Emotional Needs

We want to eat well.
We want minimal effort.
We want to feel like we are eating real meal.

Informational Needs

What recipes can we make from our fridge?
What can we make quickly?

Scenario 2

Atkins mom
Planning a shopping trip for tonight's dinner. On Phase 1 with her husband. Must feed kids who need carbs.

Emotional Needs

I really need to lose some weight.
I need some encouragement to stick with this diet.
I want to take care of my family.
I want to try one new recipe.

Informational Needs

What do I need to buy today?
What recipes fit my phase?
What recipes can be shared with my kids?

IID 2005 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University