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03 Competitive Analysis

about our Competitive Analysis

We looked at a wide variety of recipe search web sites. Some seemed to satisfy a certain niche or have a distinct personality. Some were well designed, some were minimalist, and some had every feature you could think of. In general, they showed us a lot of interesting features and that the balance between simplicity and features is important.


This site puts the recipes right on the front page. It does not have any kind of lifestyle or personalization option. If you are just looking for a recipe quick, this is desirable

Top Level Categories

This site puts categories of recipes on the top level, but does not help the user find what they may be looking for. It does not use meat cut as a way to search, but instead uses dish type. This would be useful for cooking for a dinner party, but probably not for day-to-day cooking (as our research tells us)

Just Poultry

This site would be useful to the poultry meat cooker. It introduces the concept of the cut of meat as the important factor in choosing the recipe. The user of this site can easily navigate to recipes for a different cut of meat.

Lifestyle Centric

This site focuses more on the need to loose weight than the recipes needed to do so. There is a great deal of info to read about low-carb eating which may be useful to the new low-carb eater. The "Beginners Guide" is especially targeted.


This site uses the "My Atkins" function to custom tailor what you see to where you are in the diet. The "Recipe Box" gives a user the ability to establish a relationship with the web site that is analogous to the box full of recipes that is a standard item in any cook's kitchen.

The "Kitchen Sink"

Above is a real page for a given recipe on this site. It throws every possible piece of info at you that it can. There is a lot of info for just this recipe, but also info that will take you to related recipes and some recipe lists. This would work well to give you info you didn't even know you wanted. It would be hard to stay on this site for long simply because of the grate number of directions you could go in. It is difficult to see what info is the recipe itself and what is just supporting information.

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